Filling a custom field and saving sometimes clears other custom fields on the same record

This is really weird!

I created several custom fields to quotes (and to invoices)

In some cases (not sure exactly when this triggers), filling a custom field and hitting the ‘save’ button clears the content of other custom fields of that same record. If I exit the quote (or invoice) edit view and come back, the last added custom field has value but the values of the others custom fields are now blank. If I then reenter all values and hit save they persist.

Any idea??

This sounds like an issue that occured a while back. Which version do you use?

for that IP I use 1.5.4

We have it again today!
Some more background:
I created 5 custom quote fields to be filled in the properties part of the the quote view (see screenshots behind links)

When we enter a value in one of these custom fields, the value of the custom field above it gets emptied upon save. This happens again when we restore it with the value above etc until we re-enter all values.

All field types are concerned (drop lists and text fields)

The problem is that if one does not pay attention, it removes data without knowig and there is no undo.

The data disappears when clicking Save (we see the field being emptied)

@Kovah, do you have a fix for this? you wrote it reminded you something from older versions
Thanks in advance

Does this only happens for quotes and only for these fields?

only for these custom fields for sure and I think only in the quote form, I do not remember seeing such bug in the invoice form although it also has custom fields. What is most weird is that it seems to propagate from bottom to top, resetting the previous fields in index order. Could it be an index-based calculation issue?
Thanks for looking at this!


I’m using the latest version but having also similar problems that content from custom fields are getting deleted. My fields are set for invoice (not quotes) only.

One thing I found out is that the problem seems to be based to content entered in other other fields. So I entered the following in e-mail field:
Name Name <>

Is there any update on this?

Thanks and kind regards