Add "Canceled" category / option for invoices


while testing i saw one little flaw…

Invoice number shout be added only after you press save eg after it is not a dratft anymore


cose you press by mistake invoice template or something, or start creating invoice and then have to cancel there is nonway to do this… by adding invoice number when your invoice is ready or its not a draft you are safe to not have missing numbers and order of invoices messed up

important note here is that this way you wont have invoice wrong order for invoices

eg. invoice 4 is created on 15.01.2015 at 15:23, invoice 5 cant be before that it can be at exactly the same time, or after that… if time of invoice with bigger number is before invoice with smaller number you can get fined by tax agency cose they will think you wore cheating…

once an inovice is issued, only legal way is to make a storno of invoice, (like credit invoice) and issue a new one

I don’t quite understand the problem.
If I add an invoice at 22.03.2015 9:45 it gets the invoice number 0001. Every invoice that is created after that, e.g. at 9:55 will get an invoice number that is larger that 0001, in this case 0002.

The only thing that may be a problem is that you created an invoice which could be empty because you created it by accident. But we will add an option to mark invoices as “canceled” or similar (see IP-188).

thats the problem, they cant be canceled, then you have to do credit invoice to cancel this one…

That problem with our law and some other countries… you cant have canceled invoice, every number must be issued… and if you issued by mistake, you must make credit invoice how you call it… we call it storno

If an invoice is empty what should be credited then? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

But as I said: a “canceled” option is planned.

i know… it does not make sense to me either but that is out tax law… you must not issue invoice with 0 amount its forbiden :confused:

before that law sim cards for phones wore given or changed for free, afer that law they must charge atleas 1kn for them… :confused:

invoice with 0 or no invoice items are forbiden …

So you have to add an item and then create a credit invoice so it’s not zero?

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yes :frowning: i cant help it …

not only that as i said before

date and time of invoice, who made it, numbering from 1 each year, certain way of numbering them also, and with that i have to state all company data, who owns company, who is person responsible, vat id, founding capital and few other things… and also all invoices must me signed or they are not valid… :confused: except in case that both parties have deposited digital signature in financial agency, only then can be digital only invoice that is digitaly signed … every other invoice must be printed signed and deliverd to customer…


As the feature request was already added I marked this as duplicate and will close this thread.

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