New setup error

new installation error with recent version

A Database Error Occurred
Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.
Filename: /home/foolab/public_html/invoiceplane/third_party/MX/Loader.php
Line Number: 99

in your wiki docs says but there is no setup folder in recent version

plz guide me

Hi @jignesh,

well there is no real folder setup! This is just a route to the setup function.

Some more information would be useful… what kind of setup do you have?

This error often appears if your server is configured incorrectly.

hi @Pitma
i just copied latest version to my hosted server under the invoice folder…and trying to access that url like

i am getting database error


Like here: Setup Problem. Wont even get past languages. .HTACCESS?
Edit the htaccess to folder /invoice

Good morning,

well if the htaccess solves the problem fine :smile:

But if the htacces fails there should be a 404 error on setup, shouldn’t it?

I had a similar problem on my testmaschine where I needed to reconfigure my apache settings to AllowOverride to All

@Pitma I think you are right. My opinion is that the installer/setup isn’t the “state of the art” right now. But I think it will much improved at version 2.