Add custom field in Dashboard as extra column

I am editing application/modules/dashboard/views/index.php

I would like to show the value of a invoice ‘custom field’ for each invoice raw of the ‘Recent Invoices’ section.
I figured out how to add a column for true invoice fields but how do I code a ‘custom field’ ?

Do I need to add some control to dashboard/Controllers/Dashboard.php to access the custom fields?
like present in the Invoices.php controller?


this does not seem to be enough to get access to invoice -> custom fields like $custom_fields[‘invoice’][‘Project Number’]

Thanks for any help

found a solution by @valentinocossar in 4363

  • dashboard : application/modules/dashboard/views/index.php
  • quote view : application/modules/quotes/views/partial_quote_table.php
  • invoice view: application/modules/invoices/views/partial_invoice_table.php

Thanks for this code Valentino !

@splaisan I’m glad that you’ve found it useful, thank you for the feedback! :grin: