Allow users to modify the tax and item calculation order

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Can you make the software to calculate PRICE if we enter QUANTITY, TAX and TOTAL?

It will be useful if we sell services and our agree with client is always with TOTAL price with tax.

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Last Update 22.11.2017

You mean automatic update of total and taxes?

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InvoicePlane does not allow to enter TOTAL and I am request to allow enter TOTAL in a row of article.
I will atach an screenshot

I want to enter QUANTITY, TAX and TOTAL then InvoicePlane will calculate PRICE.

It will be so helpful for me.

But for which use case does this makes sense? I mean where do you know the price of a set of items but not of a single one?

If my TAX is 16% and If I want to sell a car TOTAL = 4,000 euro then why should I calculate the PRICE.
In this case I need a calculator to calculate the PRICE if I want to have the exact TOTAL with VAT.

in my case
PRICE = 3448.27
TAX 16% = 551.72
TOTAL = 4,000

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Ah ok that really makes sense.

Thank you!

In my country, if anyone ask
How much cost? it means with TOTAL, not PRICE before TAX.

Kovah do you plan any changes about that?

I added a feature request for that: IP-217

Hi Kovah,

Thank you for adding to the features request.

You put Priority:Minor Minor I hope we will get that option soon.

Thank you!

As I said before… maybe I didn’t made my self clear :blush: because It’s the same thing I asked here:

So, if you want, you can merge it with this. :wink:

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Hi Kovah,

Are you planing to do something for IP-217?

I’m waiting for it…


Please read I will stop developing on v1 after 1.4.0 is released

Hi Kovah

Looking at the priority status of this IP-217, I would really love to see it included with the next version 2.0

I use InvoicePlane and love the simple setup, but having to calculate the pricing ex-gst (tax) is hard as the program doesn’t allow for more than 2 decimal points meaning that the rounding of prices is often out by cents. if I want to invoice $25 including 10% tax, it comes to 22.7272 etc, this means I have to round the price off which makes it 22.73. Now if I sell this item (an hours labour charge) x 10, it makes the total 250.03, which looks very messy on my invoices, as I then have to apply a 3 cent discount to fix it up.

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Until know I’m using the calculator to calculate that price and often it changes for 0.01 !

Can anyone do something about it!?

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Can you please do something about IP-217 ?

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Please see

Hi there,

Can you please do something about IP-367 ?

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@aRTx I currently have like no time to work on InvoicePlane, sorry. Just hotfixes and smaller improvements.

Hi Kovah,

This is very important for many users to improve it.

Selling with final price (includ in price the vat)

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