Changes to "System settings"->"Invoices" not being implemented on invoices already created

I have installed InvoicePlane v 1.5.5 and I have been able to create invoices perfectly.

However, if I try to change the default terms on the invoice by going into “System Settings” -> “Invoices”, whilst I can change and save the default terms, these do not transfer onto pdf’s for those invoices which have already been created prior to changing the default terms.

Is there somewhere in the system that the original default terms have been cached?

My system uses Debian Linux 9 with PHP7.0 and MariaDB 10.1

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Indeed the system writes a PDF each time you generate it in the invoice page, so if you make any modifications after being generated then the PDF won’t have the last modifications.
What you have to do is to re-generate each PDF of each invoice to add your default terms up to date :wink:


Many thanks for the quick reply. I guess I will have to make a start…only 259 to finish! :wink: