Template for France version 1.5.2

Facture model pour France

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Thanks for sharing your templates! :+1:

Thanks for your template, but what are the name of the images “Payé” and “Impayé” and where are them ?

And please, could you share them ?

sorry for the delay.

Merci beaucoup : )

Good evening,
thank you for sharing, I do not know or add the two images paid & impyé for it to appear on the pdf of the invoice.
thank you

Thanks Bydogan! How could I remove “country” from Client’s address and my company address?

Nevermind. I just had to remove country from Client address.

delete line no: 159-163
if ($invoice->user_country) {
echo ‘

’ . get_country_name(trans(‘cldr’), $invoice->user_country) . ‘
    echo '<br/>';

and delete line no: 228-232
if ($invoice->client_country) {
echo ‘

’ . get_country_name(trans(‘cldr’), $invoice->client_country) . ‘
    echo '<br/>';


I am sorry, my english is not good :slight_smile:

Hi Mohamed_Samy_Dridi,
you should put pictures in “uploads” folder

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Thank you
directly in the uploads file like this :

@bydogan Do you know how can I change (remove decimal points) from QTE from 1.00 to 1? Also, I cannot find CONDITIONS GENERALES - do you know where do I add my custom CONDITIONS GENERALES?

hi Onastvar,

for QTE;
line 287
it’s the way it is now ( <?php echo format_amount($item->item_quantity); ?> = 1.00 )
change it like this ( <?php echo floor ($item->item_quantity); ?> = 1 )

When creating an invoice, you should write to the section below ( invoice terms section )

thank you @bydogan


on line 275 I have

<?php echo format_amount($item->item_quantity); ?>

when I change to

<?php echo floor ($item->item_quantity); ?> = 1

I get QTE displays 1 = 1

Don’t add the =1 after ?>

Thank You so much @Maxime_GRIMLER that fixed it.

Hi !!
Thank you for your share !! How i can use it for quote too ?

Thank you !


Depuis la version 1.6, le logo ne s’affiche plus sur les factures. A la place une petite croix rouge. (il s’affichait sans problème avant la mise à jour.)

Merci pour ton aide.

Take a look here:

It will have a fix for you

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Je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre partage. S’il vous plaît, quelqu’un aurait-il trouvé une solution pour ajouter le total en toutes lettres ? Par exemple :

Arrêtez la présente facture à la somme de :

Quinze mille euros.

Merci infiniment