InvoicePlane certification

Is invoicePlane capable to have a certification ? I thinks for french certification called NF525.
French Company must to have NF525 certification for application of invoice, payment… for 01/01/2018

Last Update: 29.12.2017

No french certification for this free application.

No. I also never head of this certification and sadly doubt that such a certification would be possible.

Ok thanks

I see in fact that it can be an attestation from editor.
more detail of letter here so in French :

I redirect you to the woocommerce article

Which gives an answer about the new law. I can’t tell you this is the truth (I’m also french and this new law is a mess to understand) but Woocommerce seems confident (there is a french version on the bottom)


First, I would say that this application is very good. It is not easy to find a simple and clear application to only create quotes and invoices and nothing more.

Sadly, I am also in France and after some researches I cannot take the risk to use a not certified application. I understand that an open sources and moreover self-hosted application can be difficult to certify for French laws.

As I saw that other open sources applications are in the process or already done with the certification, I would like to ask again if there is any plan for InvoicePlane to be certified either now or in the future.


Thank you for your interest in InvoicePlane.
I hope you understand that due to my limited time to work on the project I cannot afford spending hours on research about that certification.
If anyone can provide me a clear and overview on the certification process with details about how much effort is needed, how much it cost(?) and which requirements must be met, I am willing to look into this. If I get any help with the certification it may be possible.

No problem I understand it perfectly. As you said before I doubt also that it will be possible.
I will still do some researches this week when I will have time and I will come back to you with what I found and understood.

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