Scroll down bug in modal "add products"


I found a bug.
When you create a quote or invoice, with modal “add products”.

If you change “any family” in the search bar, make one or two, after you can’t scroll anymore. I’m test on firefox, chrome, vivaldi… No way. You can test it in the demo site.


I observe the exact same under 1.5.4, clicking in the ‘Family’ selector in Quote => Add product view kills the scroll capacity. Only way out is closing the window and coming back not using the Family filter (which is sad as my list is 700 product long.

Thanks for your help

I tested this on the demo site:

  1. create a new quote
  2. click “add product”
  3. resize the browser window so I have to scroll to view all available products
  4. select a different family from the family dropdown, the product list loads the products
  5. try to scroll, it still works

Is there something you did in a different way?

Ok, That don’t work, try this in demo

  1. In a quote, click add product
  2. choose a family, if list is short, you can see button
  3. choose “any family”, no list
  4. click on “reset”
  5. and bim! scroll not work, regardless of size of the browser, windows or over.

thk for your help.

Ah okay, thanks. Added a ticket for this.

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Any solution for this problem? :slight_smile:

I created a fix for this some months ago, and is awaiting approval of the changes.

You are welcome to apply the fix to your local installation if you are willing to take the risk.

Unfortunately, the transition from the old dev team to the new after the departure of Kovah has not been smooth, and the new team is still finding their way, while dealing with their own lives. We’ll get there.

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OK, so I’ve tested and it seems not to be working. I found that if U thy to size down window size by open pop up checking souce code in chome (it’s taking some space from the right from page, lowering real estate for product pop up windows(that with bug), original files are working ok. (no changing in original files are nessesary). Maybe this is some kind of clue.
Keep in mind that resizing browser windows don’t working. Only bring up check sounce code pop-up in chrome.

Working pop up size

Ok another clue - if U upscale page by pressing ctr + “+” to 125-150% on FHD monitor pop-up window will work fine - it could means that some kind of css sizing is wrong …

Not woring pop-up size

Just to be clear, is your issue with the resize of the scrolling?

From your screenshots it appears that the scrolling is working.

Scroling is working only in specific aspect ratio of the windows. Normaly it isn’t work’ - as guy who start this topic wrote.

I found the same issue but wondered why the developers did not use Bootstrap’s filter jquery. This one feature eliminates the need for the other filters as it filters across the table. Recommend updating to this feature in 2.0 unless there is a critical error that it may cause across the enterprise.

My edits to “partial_product_table_modal” view:
Added <thead> and <tbody id="productLU"> tags.

My edits to “modal_product_lookups” view:
Added the following scrip

		  $("#productInput").on("keyup", function() {
			var value = $(this).val().toLowerCase();
			$("#productLU tr").filter(function() {
			  $(this).toggle($(this).text().toLowerCase().indexOf(value) > -1)

Replaced the filters form with the following even though my addition made the family filter obsolete

<div class="form-inline">
                <div class="form-group filter-form" style="width:15%">
                    <select name="filter_family" id="filter_family" class="form-control simple-select">
                        <option value=""><?php _trans('any_family'); ?></option>
                        <?php foreach ($families as $family) { ?>
                            <option value="<?php echo $family->family_id; ?>"
                                <?php if (isset($filter_family) && $family->family_id == $filter_family) {
                                    echo ' selected="selected"';
                                } ?>>
                                <?php _htmlsc($family->family_name); ?>
                        <?php } ?>
                <button type="button" id="product-reset-button" class="btn btn-default">
                    <?php _trans('reset'); ?>
				<div class="form-group" style="float:right">
					<input id="productInput" class="form-control" type="text" placeholder="Search All Products..">

Hope this helps others. Otherwise, I welcome feedback on the issues this may cause.

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