reference for customers

Hi, I’m new with InvoicePlane maybe my question is already treated, I don’t read all the topics, sorry.

I know that I can add a custom field, but, why Customers have not SKU number (number or reference). So, I find the research more difficult, If you have customers with the same name but different address, It’s not easy to find him.
Maybe a advanced search in quote or invoice generation is a good idea ?

thank for your help. I hope a “french help” join the list of support.
best regards

PS : I can’t create “feature request” !


I see what you mean.
Maybe we can add the #ID in the search list when it displays the name of the company (@Kovah ?)

And for the moment what you can do is go to a company/client page and you can create an invoice/quote from there (without choosing them from the list)


Last Update: 18.12.2017

Thanks for your response.

I’m in pre-deployment testing, and I can’t deploy if I can’t create 2 customers with the same fisrtname and lastname. We have potentially 25,000 clients in 22 cities, so homonyms exist in real life.

If I put the ID in the first or last name, it’s going to sound weird for a private adress (like M. GRIMLER-12451 Maxime, 12451 - M.GRIMLER maxime, or M. GRIMLER Maxime-12451 ?). And I’m prefer not talking about the postman !

So I’m wait before use invoice plane. Thanks
best regards.

I reply to myself.

I think if I create clients with name and use surname like “reference”, it works. I can found him in search with the reference, and i don’t see it in adress in quote.
This is probably the easiest way to do it right now (it works with the demo site - I must try in the version 1.5.5)