Sorting by product family

This may be easy but I have no real experience with php or the inner workings of invoiceplane.

I want to sort my products by their family in my quotes. This will include a totals overview on the front page, as well as a list of items by family starting on the second.
Examples below if the explanation doesn’t make sense.

Are there any easy ways to do this, I haven’t quite figuered it out. Any help is appreciated.

Example front page:


Invoide total: xxx

Family 1 total: xxx
Family 2 total: xxx

and for the following pages:

item 1
item 2
family total

item 1
item 2
family total

I haven’t test it yet so maybe I’m wrong but

For the family total, this can be achieved in the template no ? (I need to test maybe)

For the order, it’s up to you to order it as you wish in the quote/invoice creation in the table no ?


I couldn’t find this in the template no,

I think you misunderstood. I don’t want to do it manually. I want the server to automaticly put the items in their family group and display it this way. If i wanted to do it manually it would be no problem.