Recurring invoice mails

I just created my first recurring invoice and now I’m wondering the following. I changed the default template for this invoice so that it shows it’s a yearly invoice. Now I’m wondering what will the mail look like next time the invoice is sent? Will it be the same as the mail I just sent, or will it revert to the default template?

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My bad. Any thoughts on this?

Any news on this?

The email template is the base for an email, not the modified sent version

So next year my client will receive the default invoice mail? Anyway or changing this or set a default recurring email or repeat the mail already sent?

I was thinking of using a custom invoice field in my email template. I would fill the information from the invoice editor screen which would then return in the email template. Downside is that I would have to enter a text with every invoice. That is when I thought of 2 solutions: 1) a default value for custom fields or 2) conditional tags inside email templates.

The first solution would mean I wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting the custom invoice field and thus the email template being empty.

The second solution would be like this:

if (custom invoice field not empty)
use text in email template
"use this text"

Is this something that can be considered?

An other solution of course would be to implement default email templates for recurring invoices.

Maybe you could outline a basic use case for this with a real-world example and values that need to change in the email templates and so on.

I created a standard text, something like “This is the invoice for my freelance hours for the previous month”. I also sell hosting which I invoice on a yearly basis. It would be strange to send an email saying that it’s for freelance hours, right?

What it comes down to is that I would basically want the first mail to repeat it self. So when I mark an invoice as recurring, a year later (or the period on which it applies) the same mail is sent again.

More clear now?

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For now I have solved this (for me) like following:

  • Create a custom invoice field in properties (not sure how this is called in English); this field will hold the description that will be shown the email sent to the receiver;
  • Optional: change the database column to varchar 255 and set the default value to a standard description so you don’t have to set the value for each invoice and more importantly you don’t forget to set it;
  • Insert the custom value in email template.