I'm having difficulties with the installation

Good morning,
(new users can only put 2 links in a post, so please bare with me)

I read and followed the installation instructions at the wiki [dot] invoiceplane [dot] com/en/1.5/getting-started/installation

I created a free hosting account for testing purposes. So the url I’m trying to access to begin setup is:

After following each of the first 5 steps carefully, when I try to begin setup as instructed in step 6, for some reason I get redirected to: and it resolves with an error: “Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)”.


I appreciate your help!

Alex / Solidarity Farm

NEVER ever post any credentials on the internet. You can be quite happy if no hacker or spammer has already taken them and using them now! :warning:

Looking at the error messages it seems that you forgot to set the domain in your ipconfig.php file.

And I suggest you to check with your hosting provider to help you to solve this issue as it’s strange that his domain redirect to a localhost IP …

Hello Kovah,

I posted the credentials with no worries, since it is just a test account. Because I could not think of any other way you could help me without being able to see what’s going on.

I did set the domain in my ipconfig.php file. I have it like this in line 7 of my ipconfig.php file:

Can you think of anything else that could be wrong?
Thank you,

Alex / Solidarity Farm

Hi Maxime,

It is possible that my free test hosting account may not work for invoice plane, however, they do not offer free support in cases like this.

Can you think of another free hosting for me to try, so I can test the installation of invoice plane?
It seems so easy, I’d love to be able to install it and learn how to use it on a testing basis before getting paid hosting for it.

Thank you,

Alex / Solidarity Farm

Hello Alex,

Install InvoicePlane on your machine.
For windows you can install easy Xampp.

Best regards,

Hi EmanuelT,

I appreciate your suggestion. I’ve used XAMPP before. But in this case I need it running on a real server. There must be another reason why http://manonuink.byethost33.com/index.php/setup is resolving to

I simply created an empty database in php/mysql/ It’s called: b33_21096356_1

Then I copied the entire download of the v1.5.5.zip into the public root of the web server.

Then I made a copy of ipconfig.php.example file and renamed it to ipconfig.php where I added the url on line 7 like this:

One thing I don’t understand is: How does invoice plane know which empty datatabase to use?
Is it possible that I still have to add the name of my empty database “b33_21096356_1” somewhere?

Thank you,

Alex / Solidarity Farm

Sounds like misconfiguration of the webserver for me.
If you set an URL in the ipconfig file this one is used by InvoicePlane, no other hostnames or IPs.

Hi Kovah,

I appreciate your reply.

I opened a support ticket with the free hosting company. They looked into the issue and replied like this:

Hi there,
my php test file at…
is showing online

Please check your script which redirects to…

Hello Kovah,
Can you please have a look at the php test file here: http://manonuink.byethost33.com/test.php
Perhaps you know if I should ask the webserver support to reconfigure something?
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

This isn’t a default behaviour from InvoicePlane.

Like the guys have already said this is more of an issue with your hosting. IP uses the domain URL specified in the ipconfig.

My initial thought is that there is something weird with your htaccess file or that there is another redirect In place somewhere in your hosting setup but the fact it’s redirecting to a local IP definitely points to a server/configuration error.

I cannot replicate this issue- As IP works perfectly in my enviroment, this is something you’ll want to continue to investigate with your provider. You could also try another hosting provider, hosting is cheap enough, free hosts aren’t always the best for production systems :blush: