Need to select the tax fields automatically depending on the address for delivery

i am customizing the invoice plane application, i want it as while creating invoice i have a drop down for selecting delivery address and according to the delivery address state the tax for the items we want to select ie, which type of tax is it interstate or intrastate, below shown is my screen and in that if i choose first option for delivery and the state code for that is different from prefixed one then i want to enable igst tax only, and ice versa, i have fetched the state code but my problem is the address drop down and tax drop downs are in different views so how can i do that

Could you update your text and split it up into sentences and paragraphs to make it more readable? Hard to understand what you are actually doing.
Also, a link to your code would be more helpful than just a screenshot.

i want to enable or disable the tax dropdowns(CGST,SGST,IGST) depending on change of Shipping address dropdown, but Shipping address dropdown and tax drop downs are in different view pages, how to link between them this is the problem facing by me