Adding Signature in the invoice

Is there a provision to add digital signatures in invoices or any image as signature? I can see a new custom field of image type cannot be created. What is the best suggestion to include signature in the invoice?



Did you try to add it as in your template ? You will be available to customize it as you want

@Maxime_GRIMLER Thanks for the reply. I just started with InvoicePlane today. Can you guide me a little how to customize the template. I use the default PDF template: InvoicePlane . Can you give me the tutorial if any? Thanks!


You got all you need here in the wiki :

Please remember: Before doing any customizations, make a copy of a default template! If you make changes in the default templates they will be overwritten on updates.

Hi, I just went through the code and I think there is no provision to easily customize image fields (If i don’t know PHP) more than once. Do you think its possible? My requirement is to put signature at the bottom of the invoice.

Yeah it’s just html and some CSS to place it

but it’s no more than an image right ?
Just use img tag