Could not find PostScript font name (mPdf)

I have a problem when generating PDF from an invoice, i’m getting this error:

Could not find PostScript font name: /xxxxx/invoiceplane/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/Config/…/…/ttfonts/DejaVuSerifCondensed.ttf

I just updated mPdf (via composer) but nothing changes.
I’m on this for hours… Has someone already had this ?



How did you download InvoicePlane ?
From the website and move all ? Using GitHub ?


I just update my old version (1.5.1 i think) to the new version (1.5.5).
I followed the update steps here:

Ok so you’ve download it from ?
Did you remove the files (except the one written in the page !!) or you just update ?

Edit : can you go in vendor\mpdf\mpdf\ttfonts and see if you have all fonts inside ?

Yes i downloaded it from,
i followed the steps, so kept ipconfig, update other files except custom templates and then run setup.

The folder vendor\mpdf\mpdf\ttfonts contains a lot of font including “DejaVuSerifCondensed.tff”.

It seems then to be a link issue

Which OS are you using ?

Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS (digitalocean)

A link to the fonts ?

Just path not link to the font

One question go in your uploads folder, do you have any mpdf folder ? If no can you create it and give him the correct permission (same as uploads so write …)

ok, no i didn’t have, i just created it (error still there).

Does the folder has the same permission as uploads ? (writable, readable …) ?

yes it has

Weird, I’m gonna continue to seek for but you are sure you updated from 1.5.1 ? Because if it was 1.4.X it’s not the same procedure …

(If someone has an idea feel free :D)

Edit: and it’s totally weird to not have the folder mpdf in uploads if you have downloaded it recently …
I would be you I would have saved all the content in your hard disk, backup of your base, delete all the files and re-upload all with the download link in the website and configure again your installation, backup your database

yes i’m totaly sure :slight_smile:

ok i’m going to send again files and maybe start from empty folder if it does not work…

The last version of invoice plane i downloaded does not contains a mpdf folder in uploads

Oops forgot to mention, in uploads/temp/
not uploads directly (my bad thought I wrote it)

ok :slight_smile: so it was already there then

i removed all files except ipconfig.php and then reupload v1.5.5 with correct permissions, re-run setup but still the same problem :confused:

Do you use rewrite to remove index.php ?

Not currently, urls likes “index.php/invoices”

Could you please enable IP_DEBUG, then do the operation again and check in logs if there is something revelant ?