Error in Tax Calculation

When I use discounts in my invoices, the tax isn’t calculated correctly due to a missing discount within the calculation.


Amount: 10
Item Price: 600
Item Discount: 100
Tax: 19%

Calculation should be: 10* (600-100) * 1,19 = 5950,00
Calculation is: 10 * 600 * 1,19 - 100 = 6140,00

That’s really painful for anyone who trusts the maths skills of Invoice Plane and now has to send corrected invoices (like me…).

Can anyone please fix this?

Version: 1.5.5

Hello @coderebels

Indeed it’s very strange I test it on my dev environement and I agree on you but maybe @Kovah has another answer on how it should work exactly (maybe a misunderstood).
Let’s wait and if it’s wrong I will try to fix it for the next version :slight_smile:


As I see it it’s the only way to set discounts for single items. Would be another thing when I could set an overall discount.

This was discussed so many times: it is not an error, it is just the way InvoicePlane calculates amounts.

Please add your ideas or whatever to this topic: Allow users to modify the tax and item calculation order or this ticket: