New Features for InvoicePlane

dear KOVAK
I made two days of hard work a customized version, for companies or professionals who perform technical assistance to its customers (called TAI - technical assistance interventions).
it is similar to the quotes in addition the following fields:

  • Description of intervention (free long frmatted text, using control ckeditor)
  • Beginning work time (using boostrap timepiker)
  • End work time (using boostrap timepiker)
  • Operator / User that does the work (for now customized field)
  • Print custom reports ( with prices and without )

Obviously this has led to the addition and or change some tables in the database

as well as several other changes both graphic and functional as:

  • When I create an invoice from a quote, this one should not be changed, then i change in read-only
  • Change in the dashboard with the insertion of a graph, trend estimates and invoices (for now only sample, do not display real data! (In progress)
  • And other small changes around graphics, icons, labels etc)

the next step will be adding a calendar (FullCalendar) to show:

  • business appointments
  • the next technical assistance interventions planned
  • the technical assistance interventions performed, so on.

if you want to see it, tell me how to send code and database dump.

PS. I’m sorry for my poor English, but it is the Google translator :slight_smile:

Best Regards


Are you familiar with Git?
If not please upload the files somewhere (also include the SQL changes in a text file) and share a link here.

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@gsi_software, that is simply great! You should co-develop with the rest of IP.


dear Kovah

I have developed many more changes, some are over others are in development and debugging.

The main changes are:

  • Added suppliers and transporters, are a subset of customers, which I will call 'subject,
    added in the db ip_client client_type field, in this way a person can be:

  • Customer -> client_type = 1

  • Supplier -> client_type = 2

  • Courier -> client_type = 4

    • Customer supplier -> client_type = 1 + 2 = 3
  • Client + courier -> client_type = 1 + 4 = 5

    • Courier provider -> client_type = 2 + 4 = 6
  • Client + + courier provider -> client_type = 7

the forms are similar, but they are only visible data related to the context

new form Suppliers and Couriers are accessible from the button settings

  • Adding contact management, for each subject (see above) is possilibe connect and view directly
    in the form of general information all contacts.

  • Modified form layout view subjects (see above) notes are displayed in a collapsible container.

  • Added to the subjects managing documents (development in progress…)

  • Added to assistances, quotes, invoices notes where it was not previously expected

  • Added items to the possibility of indicating supplier, flag handles stock and minimum stock amount of purchase,
    (For the next development of warehouse management)

  • Added to the articles can specify up to 5 different price lists, the first list is the default,
    in the configuration of the client you can choose the price list (in progress)

  • Changed the look of the views index reducing row heights, colors etc.

if any of you want to see the work developed so far are the instructions in the readme file attached

sincerely yours


Hey there! Nice that you do many changes on the app!

But I don’t think that the way you safe client types is very dynamic! Imagine other users who have totally different kind of client_groups they would like to add!

I’d prefer to give other users the possibility to add own client_types even by enter each combination seperatly!

Besides the way to run reports becomes less confusing.

Best regards


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hello PITMA
the choice I have adopted to identify the type of subject (originally client) perhaps might sound too simple, but it is commonly used by management that I have tried, at least here in my country, Italy. Every person can be a time accounting sempliemente = Active customer = Passive provider, Active + Passive = both, typical case my accountant or business consultant, is a client of mine, but it is also my supplier albeit intangible assets which are the services .

Otherwise the couriers that are my suppliers, but may not be if the transportation pays the customer, but somewhere I had to put them, and the structure of the data is 90% identical or similar.

then in hindsight there are potential customers or in other words those that perspective might become, when I have not addressed because the goal I have set is for companies and free lancer like me.

I’m developing a similar version for the service centers and repair, electrical or computer or mobile etc.

but that’s just my thought, is very welcome any criticism or suggestion, “just the way of the stupid is straight and without difficulty” …

I look forward suggestions and more …

Best regards

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what about this? It was a genius idea, and I’d like to implement it in my everyday activity.

Ciao Graziano,
vedo che sei tricolore come me, ho solo due domande da porti velocemente riguardo questo post:

  • la versione che hai modificato è la 1.4.10?
  • io avrei necessità di aggiungere solo un campo di tipo note il tuo TAI (TAI - technical assistance interventions), alla tabella Clienti, per trascrivere gli interventi storici su un prodotto del cliente.

I campi Custom (purtroppo non sono aggiornabili) me ne servirebbe uno dentro la tabella Clienti (quindi devo per forza alterare lo schema della tabella).

Sapresti dirmi quali sono i files da modificare per inserire quel campo/mostrarlo/editarlo?
Intendo: quale/i Modello, Vista e Controller?
Ho provato ma non riesco :frowning:


did you manage to add appointmets ti this please?