Recurring invoices - how it work?


I have recurring invoices start on 2016-11-01 and the recurring date 2017-11-01, I didn’t receive notification for that customer or reminder to send to him, also nothing appeared in the portal.

I only noticed, an invoice created with draft status for the customer in the invoices list, I don’t know if created automatically or I did.

Please note that when I click on the recurred invoice which is its reurring date on 2017-11-01 it gave me as paid.

I’m confusing with the recurring invoice, could you please advice? and thanks to anyone will share his information in advance.

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Recurring invoices do not work properly because or a bug.


In general, how it work? still confusing since the version 1.5.1 :slight_smile:

Nothing changed for version 1.5 for recurring invoices. You may check your settings if anything is wrong but please be patient as the feature will be fixed in the next days.

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