Add hours to tasks

  • When adding a project, I’m not able to add a client. The client selector is empty.
  • It would be great to be able to add the number of hours to a task and even more great if that data could be imported to an invoice or collecting the data (count the number of hours) and add that to an invoice.

Last Update: 10.11.2017

Already reported and will be fixed in 1.5.6

Please specify what you want to achieve. Where do you want to add hours for a task und for what?
You can add a product unit “hours” and set it as the unit after you added the task to an invoice.

Currently tasks only support a fixed amount:

Maybe it would be possible to add the time (minutes, hours) worked on the task and an hourly rate so that it can be used to accumulate for creating an invoice? Maybe even selecting tasks from the overview, clicking a button “create invoice” and the invoice is created using the tasks as lines. Just spitballing…

So you mean basic time tracking?
No, not at the moment and I doubt that we will add this in the future as it may be way more convenient to just add an API so 3rd party tools can manage all the time tracking.

Not time tracking I guess, but more information about a task to create invoices more easily. I don’t know what the current tasks feature adds to the system invoice wise. I’m currently tracking my time in an Excel sheet, it would be nice to be able to not have to use that any more.

The current task feature is just a “copy” of an invoice item with exactly the same fields, just label in another way.
Extending the tasks feature may be possible with a later release.

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A bit late answer to this request but I implemented this in the fork gwsch/InvoicePlane. If you are familiar with Git you can adopt your instance accordingly.Maybe it can be subject to a merge.

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Hey @gws welcome and thank you for making that solution.
Would you mind making a PR towards the development branch on our Github repo?