When an invoice is "seen" trough the guest URL it is not "viewed"


Do you also have the problem that invoices are not “viewed” when the user clicks the URL? In my opinion that should happen so you can track when and how many times a user views the invoice.

Is there a “hack” so that i can make it “viewed” without creating a username/password for the user?

An invoice will be set to viewed once somebody clicked the invoice link and opened the invoice in his browser.
But it will not be set to viewed if you open the invoice.

Please check this with another browser. If its not working this seems to be a bug.

It works well. The reason why its not being seen as ‘Viewed’ is when you open client email and click the link within the same browser as your Invoice Admin.

I tested this by using different browser instance for the admin and client.

On Firefox, you open a New Private Window to simulate this. I hope this helps.

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That was my mistake indeed! I tried it in incognito and that works. Perfect @bigtt.

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