Connection Refused after Upgrading

I have been using InvoicePlane since Version 1.4. I really like it and would like to thank the developers for releasing it as open source software.

I ran into a bug after upgrading to 1.5.5. At first all was working well but then I kept getting errors connecting to the database. I can see the database in my cPanel as well as phpMyAdmin but I continue getting the error when I try to login. After a couple of days from upgrading the error started appearing. Nothing changed on the server side, the database server address and port are the same as before.

attached is the error log.

Thank you!

Please review your ipconfig.php file and update the database credentials as you have a ton of wrong user, wrong password and could not find database errors.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

The authentication is not the issue as it was working fine before the error occurred.
I just checked back now and InvoicePlane is working. I did not change anything in my configuration.

It seems things are working normally now.

Will keep an eye on the logs and send an update if I can reproduce the issue again.