Sending e-mail does not work in update 1.5

Hi There! Today i succesfully updated my IP to 1.5. Looks great! But right now, when I tried to send an e-mail to my customers I got the following error:

I have lookt arround on the forum but did not find someone with the same error.

Hope someone can help me out here :slight_smile:

quick feedback from my Installation (1.5.5)
All fine. I send with Mails with SENDMAIL. And you?

LINE 182 are:

Have you save your templates?

Templates are saved from the older version where I made them. Update today and templates came allong with the update. Used php mail. Always worked fine.

So I got the problem fixed. Made an new email template and testen it. Works fine. My guess is that the template has some old code from the previous update that made the error accure. Copy paste the old template into an new one and everything works great.

Thanks for this awesome opensource program!

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