PayFast Payment Gateway errors

I have enabled PayFast as a Payment Gateway and tested it. When I click on Pay Now Button of invoice it redirects me to PayFast page, but gives me the following error. “Generated signature does not match submitted signature.” Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

I;m also having this problem on V1.5.9. Any suggestions… it’s the only part that is not working.

I have integrated my PayFast account into InvoicePlane V1.5.9 and i get the following error after pressing paynow in invoiceplane.

The supplied variables are not according to specification:

signature : Generated signature does not match submitted signature

Please if anyone has some advise on what i can look at on this as everything else is exactly how i want it but this hickup is the last item i need to fix.

The obvious error might be mismatched id details, like merchant id, or one of the keys. Check that you are not using sandbox credentials for live and vice versa.

Also, if you are behind a proxy, you may need additional configuration on your server.

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I re entered all the details and it is working now. Must have been a mistake somewhere.