Rounded Corners Template for v1.5.x


Here is my contribution to IP. I loved the rounded corners template I used in 1.4 and when I upgraded, I did not have them. So today I figured I would revise the template to support 1.5.x

Screenshot of the template:
Link to download template:!6B9XFDTL!tkrnuSxgZUCqAFEBxXA36Rfjxd4fRAVpnyQC2OEXsd8


Hi David,
It doesn’t look like there is anything in that folder you uploaded. Downloaded multiple times and the folder looks empty. Looking forward to using this template.


Strange, I see it but here is another link to download:


The zip file you have uploaded is only 22bytes and 7zip can not find any files.


lol, I will reupload it when I get back home. Sorry for the confusion.


Try this:!PFFVlBIB!Ozb-bbr1MqCmNLmpGgo3ICXFBEzWgZnEmRxyFN2Zpm4

Let me know if that works, if not, I will reupload to another source.


It works! Thank you very much.


Great, glad it worked for you.


how can I install this template in my invoiceplane ??


i cannot download the link could you re-upload please?


I just tested the download link and all works. Please try again. Let me know of another file site I can upload it to and I will.


thanks, ive just tried from home and all working fine here must have been were i was at the time. sorry about that


Great, glad you got it. Its my goto since it just looks professional and easy on the eyes.