Cron job failed


My application runing in mydomain/invoice

so i try to set the crom job in mydomain/invoice/cron/recur/mykey… But i am geting page not found error. Please assit me.TQ

In the wiki this URL is given so your URL is mydomain/invoice/invoices/cron/recur/your-cron-key-here


thanks for reply…

this is full url as ur reply


please try from ur side. U will see a error page.


Please never post any personal details here.

If this URL is not working please double check your base url, if you remove the index.php file and so on as this is rather related to your specific configuration than to the application.


Thanks for reply. Sorry i will not post personal details here…but i dont understand ur suggestions about index.php and setting. Please guide me.TQ


Thanks for ur advice…

id did this way cron key…

its works fine…

Thanks Lot

index.php was missing, already thought off this. :slight_smile:

thanks lot…

this cron function will help to create the recu invoice only rite or will do the auto email invoices to cilent?

I’m getting blank page on execution, so is correct?

I prefer to add something like “No Invoices generate” instead of blank page and from the cron side we add the

crontab_page >/dev/null 2>&1 to avoid the message sent by email on daily basis