Redirect problems with apache 2.4.25

Running Invoice Plane under apache 2.4.25 got me into trouble with a redirection loop to /index.php/welcome until the browser displays a message about to many redirects.

The redirection is not happening with 2.4.10. I have no versions in between to test at the moment. The version of php doesn’t matter, its the same with 5.6 and 7.0.

I tracked down the problem to the file vendor/codeigniter/framework/system/core/URI.php line 214.

With apache 2.4.10 the variable _SERVER[“SCRIPT_NAME”] contains /index.php, with 2.4.24 it contains /index.php/welcome which basically breaks the routing.

Interestingly enough this problem can be avoided by using the settings and htaccess to remove index.php from the url.

Nevertheless I think it is a bug and should be fixed. But it’s an upstream bug, right? Can anybody help me to handle this?