How to add a new chinese font in mpdf

the pdf file that can’t show the chinese , so i want to add a new font in mpdf , and don’t know where is the exact file that i need to amend, and someone had already add a new font , please share the code .it helps me a lot.

I need to have this answer as well please

and thanks

invoice plane does not use mpdf, but dompdf i’m not sure if it uses its own fonts as its only acting to translate html/css to pdf

( you can find a DejaVuSans-Bold.ufm.php inside /storage/ folder

you could however, edit your invoice template and add a font of your likings just like that… checkout custom/templates/invoice_templates/custom.blade.php

        body {

            color: #001028;

            background: #FFFFFF;

            font-family : DejaVu Sans, Helvetica, sans-serif;

            font-size: 12px;

            margin-bottom: 50px;


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