Import not working


I tried to import clients. Nothing happens, it just says 0 clients imported. I followed the guide in the wiki. Here is my Test CSV file:

“Test Inc.”,“MyStreet 161”,“New York”,“81050”,“US”,1,

Thanks for any hints,


Maybe place '' (two single quotes) between the commas?

Kovah, thanks for your answer. I doesn’t work with single quotes either. I had a look into the source and noticed you are checking wether the file headers match the expected headers by using the <> operator. The import module therefor expects the columns to be in the exact same order in the uploaded file as in your array. This should be refactored to make it look for the headers to exist somewhere or not. The order of columns should not be important. Also, this check should expect to receive more headers/columns than Invoice Plane will actually use.

Edit: Just noticed the import later on even relies on the order of the columns when filling $db_data.



See for a fix

Can we not have the Import Data point to file location on your computer? I think this is the ideal way to go rather than place file in Upload folder before importing? Or what do you think?

I don’t know… I think the whole importer could need an upgrade but I don’t have any time to work on this…

Ok. Will look through it and keep you posted. Still looking around to ensure I know my way round though.

Hi guys,
I’m struggling with import clients. Can someone provide us a sample csv for this operation?

Import is currently not fully working due to some recent changes in the codebase. Will be updated as soon as possible.

Thanks for reply. I wait for the new update.