New Installation - Unable to Add a client or Edit a User

I have just installed InvoicePlane on a WAMP server. I have never used either of these before. I am able to log into InvoicePlane, but when I try to add a new client, I get an error message saying the site can’t be reached; the connection was reset. The same happens if I try to Edit the User.

Log files are here:
InvoicePlane log file:

PHP log file:

Apache log file (partial, as it was too large to upload all of it):

Any help is appreciated.

The problem appears to be fixed by editing line 257 of C:\wamp64\www\InvoicePlane\application\modules\custom_fields\models\Mdl_custom_fields.php

to change it from:
$field->$field_id_fieldlabel = $custom_value->custom_values_value;
$field->field_id_fieldlabel = $custom_value->custom_values_value;

(i.e. delete one “$”)

Seems you are the next person that is either not able or just too lazy to use the search. It is the small magnifier icon on the top right by the way.

The issue was already discussed and fixed in InvoicePlane 1.5.4 released

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