Edit online payment page + mail problems

Hi, i installed IP and is awesome, works very very well. But im having 2 issues.
<Version: 1.5.4>

1 - Mail issues. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
My hosting mail gived me this:

(SMPT) smtp.xxxxxxx .com
(POP/IMAP/IMAP SSL): mail.xxxxxxxx .com
Port: 143
Password: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I had 0 issues configuring Thunderbird with those configuration data.
So in InvoicePlane i did: Configuration > System configuration > Mail
In the dropmenu: SMTP

SMTP Server: smtp.xxxxxxx .com
Requires auth: Yes
User SMTP: info@xxxxxxx .com (the mail)
Password SMTP: xxxxx (the password of the mail)
Port SMTP: 143
Security: None
Verify SMTP: No

When i save this configuration and try send something i get this error:
SMTP connect() failed. https:// github .com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting


2- Online Payment issues: -----------------------------------------------------

I created 2 payment methods:
1- Paypal
2- Credit card

After that did: Configuration > System configuration > Online Payment
And i added Stripe + Paypal Express
After api configuration, i copied a link of online invoce for see the preview.
When you click the payment button is something like this:

You can see the green i dont want to show PayPal Express or Stripe options instead i want to show Paypal or Credit card, not Stripe name.

And Why the red appears even if you select Paypal? I want to do: If the scrolldown option selected is: Paypal then hide that red part, and want to change inside the red, the blue information, want to change some words.

PD: I separated some .com because i cant post more than 2 links in a same post >.<

Welcome to IP :slight_smile:

1. Those settings don’t seem quite correct to me…it is unlikely you would have the same port for incoming and outgoing mail and even more strange your smtp port would be 143.

I know you said they work in Thunderbird but port 143 normal refers to IMAP incoming mail. I would double check with your provider for the SMTP port (the default port is 25 for smtp although most hosting providers change this).

Once you have confirmed the correct port you will most probably also have to change the ‘Security’ setting in IP to SSL/TLS.

2. Please refer to this post… Guest Payment showing a Credit Card form

Hi, thanks for your reply @nmay1990

  1. I’ll check again with my provider and see maybe i have a wrong configuration.

  2. I checked that post but i dont see any solution only a way for hidden the CC form with:
    <div class="panel panel-default hidden"> But this only in the case that you dont want to use CC form.

Actually my problem is i want to use it BUT ONLY when stripe option is selected. I dont see any updates or news on the development dashboard, problem stills open: https://development.invoiceplane.com/browse/IP-530

Where i should edit if im interested on edit Paypal express and Stripe names on the dropdown menu:


I do understand what you are saying…however as stated in the post the CC form is required by some some providers so is just always displayed regardless.

Yes there is a dev issue open for this but I’m aware that @Kovah is very busy at the moment…so I can not give a time scale for any solution, maybe he can update you.

Also you can not rename the online payment methods that I am aware of.
However if you wanted to, you could add some information text on the page to tell the client that if they want to pay by Credit Card, then they should select the ‘Stripe’ payment method.

Hey, so I know you can hide the drop down completely with out any issues. I’ve done it. I’m also want to change the names of the drop down. I think it has something to do with the fact that the English language of the site does not have a language file. I’ve tried adding it but no go. I’m going to rebuild a different language with English and see if I can make that work.