Multiple Taxes Rate

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As a user, I need #multipletaxes feature.

Tax Rate (Page) And Tax classses (Page)

Tax Rates Name       Tax Rate Percent       Tax Classes Name    Tax Rate (drop down to select tax rate name)
Tax1                      2.5%                GST                Tax 1 and Tax 2                   
Tax 2                     9.4%	              QGST               Tax 4
Tax 3                     18%	              IGST               Tax 6 and Tax 5
Tax 4                     5%	
Tax 5                     3.5%	
Tax 6                     9%

While creating the Invoice instead of ITEM RATE Dropdown, ITEM CLASSES Dropdown needed
After Creating invoice PDF view, each item should display tax rate…
And total tax rate should split accordingly tax classes.

Gug Boty Fox

Last Update: 01.10.2017

Please search the forum before posting your feature request and vote for the existing topic: Add multiple tax rates by default to an invoice

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