How to add VAT No. on invoice?

How can i add VAT No. to clients data and user data.

This number (for examle: IT56061315) must be printed on the invoice.
If i make Custom Field i can add this number, but its not visible on printed invoice…

Is there any other solution?

You have to add custom fields in the templates on your own as not all custom fields should be printed on the invoice.
The templates are located in application > views > invoice_templates / quote_templates.
A guide how to implement custom fields will be added to the wiki soon.

Cool, that solved all my problems…

Thank you!

could you please tell me how can i add the vat number to clients /user?

thank you in advance

Please take a look at the wiki: Custom Fields

Thank you, but iam getting an error on pdf invoice, waiting for the guide how to call Custom fields into pdf invoices/quotes.


You can add custom fields by using the following example:
<?php echo $invoice->invoice_custom_fieldname; ?> where fieldname is the column you can find in the custom field settings.