How to create a detailed sales report from the date provided?

Hello There,
I am new to PHP and Invoice Plane. I need your help in developing a new module of if anybody here has done it please share. What I want is that I want detailed sales against a client which I provide.
For Example if Google is my client, I will enter the date like “From 15th August 2017 to 17th September 2017” and select client Google, the system should show me each and every product I have sell to Google between those days like from every invoice including those products also which are not even in my products category and I have manually entered those products.
Detailed report will be like
" Product Name Quantity Total amount
Desk 15 $2500(of 15 Desks)
Chairs 7 $300(of 7 Chairs)"

Can someone please help?
Because it is client’s requirement and I need to get it done.

Last Update: 25.09.2017

It has been 8 days and 0 reply yet. Please reply me as the time is running out.

Firstly, you why would you take on a project for a client before knowing you can forfill their requirement? Especially with you saying you are new to php (which this application is coded in)!

However with that said…

I have not looked into IP reporting in detail but maybe try looking at the existing report called ‘Sales by client’ as this may point you in the right direction.

Personally I run a variety of custom reports but I do these outside of IP, querying the SQL DB direct and then PDF the result set which is then automatically emailed to managers weekly.

I’m sure I can speak for all the devs here including kovah when I say they would not have time to help with this custom requirement when they have more important things to look at…you may find someone who is willing to do this as paid work, you may want to move this post to the ‘Job Offers’ category otherwise you need to learn php very quickly :joy:

Thanks for replying. Can you help me with adding client selection in “Sales by client”? Like I can choose dates and select client and system should show only invoices generated for that client on the provided dates? If the invoices it shows which are only the non paid ones, it will be best.

I’m afraid I simply do not have time to look into this and I’m sure you’ll struggle to find someone who does…

Do you have anyone in your mind?

I mean…I don’t think anyone on here will have time, you can always reach out or hire yourself a developer.

My advice would be to query the DB direct using something like TOAD if your running a MYSQL DB as this doesn’t require PHP and there plenty of tutorials, This is quite a useful program…

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