No HTML tags in item description & terms

I’m using IP v1.4.3 in production environment. Because it’s too old I did a test upgrade to v1.5.0 in my test environment. Followed the wiki and everything went smoothly.

In v1.5.0 I noticed that I cannot use HTML tags in item descriptions any more, neither in invoice terms. Is this change by design? Or to put the question in another way… Will this change persist in all future versions?

Having the ability to use HTML in item descriptions and terms was quite handy for me >.<

using HTML in such fields was disabled because it’s a security risk and may break the complete application if handled incorrectly.
However, I planned to implement Markdown for some fields which would allow advanced styling up to some limits.

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Nice to hear that Kovah. Thanks for sharing!

I’ve implemented this feature (markdown as custom field type) and created a pull request on GitHub: