Generation of invoice numbers

Some customers like to receive their invoice monthly but have several jobs/orders during this month. So I create a draft invoice (without an invoice number) and add lines during the month.
At the end of the month, before sending the invoice, I would like to create the invoice number and i do this by changing the status to ‘viewed’. Then i print the invoice for myself and sent the invoice to the customer as a pdf. Now the status of the invoice does not change to Sent as i expect but stays on Viewed…
I think my way of working with IP is wrong or my expectation about the status is wrong.
Could someone please explain what is the correct way to work with IP so i can create these monthly invoices and generate the invoice number at the end of the month.

There is a setting in system settings > invoices called 'Mark invoices as sent when PDF is generated’
is this turned on?

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Thanks, Kovah. Your the best. This solves my ‘problem’.