Custom module for importing invoice items from web

Hi there,
I am maintaining a fresh InvoicePlane installation for a customer.
Version 1.5.3

He needs to have invoices created automatically from inquiries created in another web system (Intranet / PHP / MySQL). So I decided to program a new custom module called “websync” doing the following:

  1. Create a folder application/modules/websync
  2. Copy the necessary subfolders with files controllers, models, views.
  3. Create a database table definitions, stored seperately into application/modules/setup/sql/026_1.5.3_extra.sql (because it should not be overwritten by next update).
  4. Language defintions for my module in application/language//custom_lang.php

I’d like to provide other’s with my struggles and progress, so I will update this post as often as possible.
Is it the right way to do it? What do experienced InvoicePlane Devs suggest?

As I understand, IP 2.x, there will be based on Laravel and therefore support Laravel Packages and Composer. What does this imply regarding the effort to migrate my 1.5.x moduels to the new architecture?

Greets: Mateng

Hi @Mateng, did you get it right to create new modules? if so please share how you did it?