Not working since updating to 1.5.4


So I updated from 1.4.10 and followed all of the instructions to a tee as detailed.

My install runs on a sub domain.

Once I put all the new files in the directory and changed the ipconfig.php file and uploaded my uploads folder I did the setup as described. Everything worked fine and the DB upgraded itself. All the data seemed fine etc. I logged in to IP and everything is there as it should be.

BUT, when I try to do pretty much anything I get the following error:

Fatal error: Cannot use [] for reading in /home/XXXXXX/ on line 257

I have also tried to do a completely fresh install and copy parts of the DB over that contain my information. I still get the same error…

Do you have any clue what has gone wrong?

Many thanks,

please search the forum before posting a new thread. This was already solved in the 1.5.4 release thread: InvoicePlane 1.5.4 released