Sales Representative as a "main" attribute of documents


I’m starting to use InvoicePlane, still learning a lot.

In my little company, we work with sales representatives and we use quotes and invoices to measure a lot of things:

  • who’s rep “owns” that deal / client
  • productivity
  • internal goals
  • sales rep commission (over invoices)
  • who are closing deals and when

I don’t know if this is a mayor change or it could be done by tweaking little settings, but it would be great to “interact” (filter, view, order, etc) with the documents and the data also in terms of the sales rep.

So, two questions:

  1. Is there any light way to adapt what we have now to my actual needs?
  2. Is this the right place to request a feature? (or GitHub?)

Thanks in advance! (i’m from Chile, we don’t use to speak in english… sorry if I miss something!)

Benjamín Roa