1.5.4 'Page can't be found' error on multiple links

Hello Everyone,

I just updated my Invoiceplane from 1.5.3. to 1.5.4. I have encountered the following problem:

I am getting ‘page can’t be found’ error when clicking the ‘person icon’ in the top right corner. The same issue happen when I go to settings>user accounts>options>edit, or when trying to add a new user.
It also happens when I try to add a new client, create a quote or an invoice, enter the payment or access custom fields in the settings menu. Opening quotes and invoices leads to the same error as well.

I have my installation located in the folder called ‘invoice’. The error happens when I try to access the address: mydomain.com/invoice/index.php/users/form/1 or mydomain.com/invoice/index.php/users/form, or other links to the features mentioned above.

One thing I noticed (comparing to the demo installation on your website) is that when i try to open any of those links, the link in my address bar changes to mydomain.com/invoice/users/form/1. It removes ‘index.php’.
All other pages that work have ‘index.php’ included in the address.

I did updated my Invoiceplane today all the way from 1.4.10 (one by one) and when I checked on 1.5.3 for that error, everything worked fine.

Please let me know if there are any other details you need.

I would really appreciate your help with that issue.

Thank you!

for me this one solved it: