Email to multiple receipient in $to field

Sending Quote/Invoice to multiple emails, a customer has various emails for its dept. when I try to send email it shows pop 'a part @ after can not contain ‘,’

I have tried seperating emails by , and ; but no luck! plz advise.

Hi there, any update on this “multiple email” bug? strangely it worked ok in the previous version, but iam having exact same error in the current version. is there a workaround you can recommend (other than go back to invoice and resend invoice to new email add)?


I use version 1.5.3 and the problem still exists.

Some tests revealed that a comma seperated list of email adresses works fine with the recurring invoices. They get sent without any problems. But when I try to send the email via the web UI, it does not allow sending the email, does not state a error but somehow shows the tooltip for the to field containing multiple email addresses (coma seperated).

Is there a fix that can be expected at any time?

Also in 1.5.4 this bug is still present.

This worked so good in the older versions. When will this be fixed?

Just a small update?

Regarding the field to multi email adresses. When is this fixed? Or is there a quick hot fix somehow for now, if anyone could assist that will be awesome.

Will be fixed in the next version which should be released soon :slight_smile: