Sales by Date report is not work

Hi Im new here and I do not know english very well I hope you will understand me.

when I go to sales by date report and introduce the parameters the report do this:

can you help me?

I do not speak spanish or whatever language this is. Please translate the error.

The translation :

There was an error loading the PDF document.


I did the test:
When I go to “Sales by date” or “/reports/sales_by_year”

That I only fill in the date fields, it works.

If I fill in the quantity fields, I get an error message in a red screen:
An Error Was Encountered
The action you have requested is not allowed.

But I did the test by refreshing the page and there I was able to have the report.

Between each attempt to create a report, the page must be refreshed.
Does this help you @ thiagocr2017?

Thank you for answering in English, you can use Google Translate, it works quite well.

Entre cada intento de crear un informe, la página debe actualizarse.
¿Te ayuda esto @ thiagocr2017?
Gracias por contestar en inglés, puedes usar Google Translate, funciona bastante bien.