Can't Create User


I have just installed the latest version and have gone through all the set up process have set and connected to database etc. When I get to create a user page and fill all the information and hit the submit button, i get 403 forbidden error. How can i get rid of this?


Uhm okay…
Could you please post the webserver logs for the time this error came up? Because I can’t help without knowing whats the actual problem.

Actually i’m a newbie. where can i get web server logs ?

Do you have an own webserver or do you use a hosting service?

I’m using hosting service…

Can you try to make sure its not mod_rewrite related?

Tried but it said already invoiceplane installed and i found the login page. Since i couldn’t create any user, i can’t access to the dashboard. Is there any way to create user manually?

No. In this case you habe to empty the database and run the setup again.

Is this hosting issue or others?

I dont know.
As long as there are no error logs available its hard to say what happened.

I am not a dev but I had a similar issue and corrected it by deleting the database, removing the database authentication data from:


Create a new database, assign a user to it and go through the setup again but filling out all fields. In fields that are not applicable, just put " none ".

Also remember that you will need to modify the .htaccess file in the root directory of InvoicePlane to point to the sub directory /test from what I can remember.