Generate a second invoice

Hello everyone,
I could use a bit of your help if you have a second.

I am currently generating an invoice with pricing, invoice number, grand total… etc.
I want to create a second “invoice” without overwriting the content from the first.
So I will add another invoice link beside the existing one, but when I click it, I want a separate “trimmed” version of the complete invoice generated. So I want to query the same database fields but only display specific ones on the “trimmed” invoice. Or just print certain fields on the trimmed invoice.

Can I simply create a separate invoice template file and call that file with my selected content?

Your advice is greatly appreciated.


With version 1.5.3, there is the use of product in the top menu, if that can help.
This allows you to fill out the invoices quickly.

Otherwise I understand, you want to make a type invoice in draft that you duplicate to duplicate it and use only some lines at another time?

Could you make some demonstration pictures to show what you want?