InvoicePlane configure database install cannot connect


Hi Guys so I read and read and read… I am lost without a paddle. I had a server and lost all my data all my invoices everything… So I got a new server, and installing this for the first time on it. I was able to get through setup… and the part where I cannot get past is (Failure
Cannot connect to the database server with the provided database information. Please check the credentials and try again. )

hostname: localhost
port: 3306
username: invoicead
password: damnimdumb
database: invoicepl

cannot get this to go through no matter what. in phpmyadmin there is a user called invoicead (global priveleges set to all in myphpadmin) and there is also a blank db created called invoicepl.

running apache http server 2.4
php 5.6
myphpadmin 4.66

Any ideas why its not connecting?. Much appreciated…


Please check if other apps like wordpress can connect to your database server. If not, it’s the database server or the credentials.


I think I might have found out what is causing the issue however im not sure if there is a way to make it work… so for some reason synology made myphpadmin dependant on mariadb 10. Now I had both 5 and 10 installed because on the new server it first said it wanted version 5. then i loaded 10 trying to be all cool and hip. I some how remembered maybe they are conflicting since its a fork of mysql… it kind of explains why i cant find the damn httpd or anything to do with mysql. so now i removed all the packages myphpadmin and mariadb 10 and 5… now when i want to install myphpadmin its stating it wants mariadb 10 as the dependency not 5 from before…I have an odd feeling everything will work with version 5 if i can get myphpadmin to use that instead of 10… :frowning: so bummed i really used this software for some time now… being serverless sucks!!! and anything webserver related does not work i cant install any other web related script or server. invoiceplane invoice pro crm etc… :frowning: i thought it was my stupidity surfacing but now i realize its this mariadb handicapping me from being able to do anything…


Oke, strange story you have (and hard to read :stuck_out_tongue:)

Anyway, there shouldn’t be any significant difference between MySQL 5 and MariaDB10, they both work the same.
MariaDB has some extra functionality, but the basic MySQL functions work the same, especially the ones IP is using.

Maybe your MariaDB settings are wrong? Or your user permissions aren’t copied to MariaDB, causing the install to fail?


hi, see thats the thing by default mariadb is broken because there is 2 versions and its forcing 10 to be default. Nothing sees mysql. I dont know what I can do to make mysql visable or mariadb to work with other services.


in my case, i have to replace ‘localhost’ with loopback ip ‘’