Downgrade invoice plane


How can i downgrade from 1.5.3 to 1.4.9.

A lot of things don’t work, custom name field in the email templates don’t show. (even if i instert the new shortcodes)
If a user has multi emails, i can’t send it like, anymore. I’m getting errors.

So i realy hope i can downgrade so that i don’t lose the clients data and invoices and templates.

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Downgrades are not supported in any way. That’s why you should make backups of your application before upgrading.

I have made a backup from all the files… its not possible to run the setup after i’ve uploaded these files again. And change by the setup the db fields?

Why do you want to run the setup again?
If you want to use 1.4 again then delete all current files, wipe the database and then restore both the files and the database from your backup.

I’ve installed the latest version.

But it has a lot of bugs i think.

  1. Short codes don’t work anymore (for custom fields)
    For example we put: in the custom name field: Tyler & Tim (as they both need to receive the invoice from us)
  2. I can’t add two emails anymore, so when i try to send the invoice, the system can’t send to multiple email addresses anymore. (example,
  3. terms payment conditions on the pdf invoice, the custom CSS doesn’t work anymore.

Or if this could be fixed easy would be lovely, but for now it really sucks as we need this badly.

Just a friendly checkin, because you will probably have other things todo too. But would it be possible to fix those issues/bugs any soon?

For problem 1 see the wiki, custom fields changed for version 1.5

Bugs 2 and 3 are already known and will be addressed shortly but I don’t have any time at the moment.