Modify Quote Edit page to have additional Save button?

I would like to modify the Quote edit page so it has a green Save button at the bottom of the item list, next to the “Add New Row” and “Add Product” buttons.

I did the following:

This puts the button on the page, but when I modify the quote and click this Save button, the cog wheel screen appears and it times out.

I am guessing it might be a scoping issue or something with all the variables in the javascript? (Just a guess, I don’t know) Is anyone able to show how to fix the timing out problem?

Because you need to remove that same piece of code from the views.php (within the same folder) before you move it inside your partial_item_table.php.
Otherwise the javascripts will conflict like you mentionned it indeed, since you now have two “save” buttons with the same IDs (id="btn_save_quote"). IDs must be unique by definition.

I also agree the “save” button’s position is not convenient on top-right. My “options/save” buttons are floating and following user’s scroll on top-right of the screen thanks to Bootstrap’s “Affix/ScrollSpy” properties, but I like it your way as well, right next to “add product” button.

Sorry I just figured you said you need an “additional” save button. You need to modify the javascript code as well then. I’ll post a code later today, since I like the idea of having that save button there too.

You’ll have 2 save buttons: 1 on top right (the default one) + 1 next to “Add Product”.

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Thank you musa, this works great!