Multiple company names + logo's to use in quotes and invoices


I would like to use this product with multiple company names. e.g.

Company X

  • Label A (sells aquariums)
  • Label B (sells computers)
  • Label C (sells phones)

When creating a quote or invoice, i would like to choose the label that will offer or invoice the products/services. Each label will have it’s own name, address, logo, templates (PDF and guest view).

Development Reference: IPT-15]

Update on 2017-11-28:
Very unlikely to happen. InvoicePlane is intended to act as a single-user or single-company application. See

Thanks alot!

with different configuration and different users blinded to their company?

something like multi-instance?

We don’t discussed this topic. But at the moment I think we’ll allow to setup multiple stores of a company with different users.
But completely different companies may require to setup InvoicePlane twice as it would be too confusing otherwise.


I create a different thread for that