Adding terms & conditions


I would like to add terms & conditions to every quote and invoice in PDF and guest views.

Terms are already available for invoices and terms for quotes will be added in the next version.

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Hi Kovah,

i mean a seperate page after the invoice / quote. check the following example:

In The Netherlands they must be added. The current Payment Conditions are not the conditions and terms that i mean.

I hope that my explaination is good enough!

You mean like a sheet of paper there your general sales terms are listed?

Yes it is something line that!

Would it be possible to simply attach a PDF or something like that to a quote / invoice so this will be sent to the customer and can be viewed?

It would be Nice if i could add it in the app. Maybe as a option to send it merged with the invoice, or seperate. This way you can send it directly from your app, instead of doing extra manual labour.

In this case this is related to Adding Supporting Attachments to an Invoice
I’ll close this as duplicate.

Alright. Thanks.

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