Logo Size is huge on .pdf file


I installed Invoice plane and i have edited my .pdf file to include my logo, however, its huge on the pdf. I have even tried creating a new logo in a smaller size. this doesn’t appear to have worked. I was wondering if anyone had any help the could offer me, i want to make the logo smaller in my pdf file.

I am working in Invoice Plane version - 1.5.3

This is how the logo appears currently.

Many thanks!

Then make it smaller by using custom CSS.


  width: 100pt;
  height: 200pt;

to the assets/core/css/custom-pdf.css file and change the width and height values to something that suits your logo.

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thank you!

This doesn’t appeared to have worked, Im still having issues with the size of my logo, its still huge.

Sorry to hear this. Works perfectly fine with version 1.5.9 on my machine.